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Listen   Peacock & Gamble Podcast 27 Sept 10/Episode 52

Wallop!  It is time for Episode 52 this week, because 51 was last week and although we are mavericks, we do tend to follow traditional chronology so as to avoid the confusion of squares like you.

It’s on iTunes  like normal and on Chortle like normal.  Slight change in that is now costs £50.  HA got you for a second, it is free as always.


View on Youtube

Listen   Peacock & Gamble Podcast 20 Sept 10/Episode 51

Yes - after all the crowded festivities of the fiftieth episodes last week - the podcast returns to proper : iTunes link You know it’s free, you know it’s on iTunes and chortle, you know it loves you better than anyone else could… RP & EG

Listen   50th Episode (s) – Monday 13th Sept 2010

Oh hello ladies and a boy So, today sees the 50th Episode of the Peacock & Gamble podcast for you to listen to for free on iTunes and chortle. As we couldn’t be arsed making it more special than normal in content, we decided to make a different type of gesture and done the 50th [...]

Listen   Peacock & Gamble Podcast 49

Oh what an atmosphere - you’ll love a podcast with a happy atmosphere…and it’s free: iTunes link get it down you RP & EG

Listen   Peacock & Gamble Podcast Episode 48

This week’s show has once again be sneaked out on the sly by chortle like a squeeky trump at a dinner party - smell it here for free: iTunes link So if you want my money and you think I’m sexy, download it and listen to it. That’ll do pig RP & EG xxxxxx

“Brilliant Jokes” - Peacock & Gamble Podcast Live 2009

Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble doing the jokes they wrote especially for the live Peacock & Gamble Podcast 2009 - not greatest quality picture or sound, but a nice little treat for those who were not there…