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Spot The Line Competition

Yes it is that time of the television schedule when Ray does a cameo in something and we can play “Spot The Line”. The show in which you need to “Spot The Line” is NOT GOING OUT on BBC One tonight at 9.30 pm.

And if you must know it was a real cameo because Ray works on the show all time doing the warm up so it was just a bit of fun before you start saying his career is hopeless (it is).

View on Youtube

Date Change Ahoy!

Oh, hello there. Due to an unfortunate date clash, we have had to move one of our Hen & Chickens Work in Progress shows to another date. The show that was originally scheduled to take place on APRIL 19TH will now be on APRIL 26TH at 9.30 pm. Many apologies if you had bought tickets [...]

Radio 4 Extra

We are delighted to announce that after a few guest spots presenting on BBC Radio 4 Extra, we have been installed in a permanent position until we get sacked. We shall be hosting the Comedy Club on the station for one week each month, starting next week on the 26th March. We shall be on [...]


Hello you bunch. We have some important ticket details for performances of our new show “Peacock & Gamble Don‚Äôt Even Want To Be On Telly Anyway”, in LEEDS and LONDON. In Leeds, we will be performing at the Laughter Lines Festival, a lovely festival in its second year. We will be performing MAY 2ND in [...]

Aberdeen Cancelled…

We are sorry to announce that our Aberdeen tour date, scheduled to be this Saturday (March 3rd) has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  We are aware that this was a rescheduled date and we really, really wanted to come Scotland to see all the Scottish people and eat their famous eggs, but various things [...]

Found Footage…

You may have heard that during the recording of Russell Howard’s Good News, Ed sexually assaulted Ray. This has been dismissed by many in the years following it, but now - just like in Blair Witch or that really shit one on the moon - footage has been unearthed and we present it here. Ed [...]


Hello all. As you know, Ed had to cancel his solo show in Leicester tonight due to illness (his).  Unfortunately, the curse of Leicester Comedy Festival has struck again and Ray has not been able to make it to do his solo show, which was to be a replacement for Ed’s show and the Peacock [...]


Hello anyway Right, so the Peacock & Gamble show at Leicester has unfortunately had to be changed to Ray doing his solo show, “HERE COMES TROUBLE”. Ed has been poorly and is now proper poorly so Ray has to go and do it on his own even though he thought he had another week left [...]

Dates for your sexy diary (FEB)

Oh hey remember us or not? Just a quick bit of promo for some upcoming dates that are coming up on dates soon. We will be doing a flipping new show at the LEICESTER Comedy Festival and it will be late at night so that it isn’t as obviously under-prepared as you will all be [...]


Oh right, well I suppose I will have to do this post then, seeing as how no-one else has. You probably already know by now but there was a new and final podcast out on the 23 Dec. It is free and on iTunes and you can probably still get it if you want to. [...]