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Peacock and Gamble Live

E4 Udderbelly

Watch P&G talk about their show at the E4 Udderbelly on 9th May.

To book tickets for the show visit

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Fringe Blog #13 & #14

Listen   Second Live Podcast is out

Second live Peacock & Gamble Podcast and fourth to last Peacock & Gamble Podcast (same thing) is out now on iTunes and chortle. It’s free. Sincerest thanks to everyone who has been coming to the shows RP & EG

Fringe Blog #12

Fringe Blog #11

Fringe Blog #10

Fringe Blog #9

Anyone remember us or give a shit?

Listen   Stuff for you for free as usual

Episode Eighty (fucking EIGHTY) of the Peacock & Gamble Podcast has just been released on the old iTunes and the old Chortle website.  It is highlights of the show we recorded live on Sunday so you can have a go of listening to that. Oh and here is the Fringe Blog for today…I mean you [...]