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Listen   50th Episode (s) – Monday 13th Sept 2010

Oh hello ladies and a boy

So, today sees the 50th Episode of the Peacock & Gamble podcast for you to listen to for free on iTunes and chortle.

As we couldn’t be arsed making it more special than normal in content, we decided to make a different type of gesture and done the 50th episode of The Ray Peacock Podcast as well as we only ever recorded 49 of them (and only 48 were released which makes a bit of a mockery of the gesture).  We got Raji out of storage and whilst it wasn’t working very well because of dampness, it still did it and it was nice to know it wasn’t dead.

Anyway - they have been sent off and some people have managed to find them hidden on the internet early, but they will be proper available imminently and we hope you enjoy them even if only on a sociological level.




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One Response to “50th Episode (s) – Monday 13th Sept 2010”

  1. edward x says:

    will raji and ed please get married. ray can be the preist or sommet, but raji and ed are somehow adorable. having said that, i would marry ed in the morning, should raji say no. so yeah. trah xx

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