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July, 2011

Listen   All is fine

Imagine if one day on QI, Stephen Fry was sat all happy and clever and doing all his big words, and then Alan Davies said something wrong and rather than the charming responses we all know and love with Mr Fry, he just got angry.  He just thought “I’ve had e-fucking-nough of this, he’s not even trying” and just stared back at him.

I think we all would rather not think about what would happen next in such a scenario.

Luckily, we don’t have to.  And second luckily, it is most unlikely to happen in the latest Peacock & Gamble Podcast (number 78) which has just hit the internet shelves for free on iTunes and  This is official notice that it is available.

Please have a lovely day and try not to think about the Stephen Fry thing…

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Listen   Episode 77 is well out for you.

Yes, it’s what has become known as Podcast Tuesday, and it’s time for 77.  ’77 was the year of punk or something so fuck off like a punk would say. But don’t fuck off, I was just saying that to be a punk.  Get the podcast from Chortle and iTunes.  I am a nice punk [...]

oh fucking no

As you may be aware by the time you read this, there has been no podcast released today (on Monday). That is because it will be released tomorrow (Tues - the day after Monday).  We perhaps should have mentioned earlier that for a little bit of time (until end of August) the podcast will be [...]

Listen   Episode 76 out now

YES PLEASE.  Episode 76 is out right now for your ears and if you don’t get it I am going to send round an angry dog to bite you and your gran. Get it on Chortle and iTunes or I really will send that dog round.  Here it is…it is hungry for flesh.

Sexy New Photos from Chortle Fast Fringe

News Of The P&G World

So, this may be a bit late to tell you this but me and Ed are on this morning (Saturday) between 7am-9am giving the host, Rhys, a pretty much complete mental and nervous breakdown under the pretence of plugging our show in Cardiff on 23rd July.  The interview will probably put people off if [...]

Extra Preview Added - This Sunday

After the gig in Welwyn Garden City was cancelled by the venue despite what they have been telling people when giving more-or-less refunds, we have put in THIS extra show for this Sunday. If it is convenient for any of you then Ed assures me it is a brilliant venue and we can have a [...]

Howdy! Ep 75 is like, totally out.

Oh hey there, I am an American person from America, and I am here to tell you that Episode 75 of the Peacock & Gamble Podcast is like, out on iTunes and Chortle. We love the podcast here in America, and one day hopefully there will be a Hollywood movie of it.  All the fit [...]