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Listen   New one does an out

Oh, hey.

The new podcast has done an outing of itself and is all free to go and do a listen of on iTunes and Chortle.

When you have listened, you will understand that you will need to turn yourselves into a bloody army now please.  To get you in the mood, have a look at Ray getting all excited in the film 400.

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2 Responses to “New one does an out”

  1. Pete says:

    “N’mor”? What’s that about, eh? It’s pronounced ‘Nay-mor’; get it right, Ray! Though of course, if you want to be completely accurate about it, he should be referred to as His Excellency Prince Namor of Atlantis at all times. Anything else is just disrespectful towards this fictional character.

    (Fantastic episode, guys! Will spread the word in spite of your Marvel ignorance)

  2. Ray Peacock says:

    I will have you know that my shelves are creaking beneath my Marvel hardcovers. I have always found Namor objectionable however, and shall continue to pronounce his name as Namor rather than Naymor as that is not how it is spelt- I was unaware it was incorrect but am quietly happy that it is. IF IT IS WHICH I WOULD STILL ARGUE.

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