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Listen   Second Live Podcast is out

Second live Peacock & Gamble Podcast and fourth to last Peacock & Gamble Podcast (same thing) is out now on iTunes and chortle.

It’s free.

Sincerest thanks to everyone who has been coming to the shows


View on Youtube

Listen   Stuff for you for free as usual

Episode Eighty (fucking EIGHTY) of the Peacock & Gamble Podcast has just been released on the old iTunes and the old Chortle website.  It is highlights of the show we recorded live on Sunday so you can have a go of listening to that. Oh and here is the Fringe Blog for today…I mean you [...]

Listen   All is fine

Imagine if one day on QI, Stephen Fry was sat all happy and clever and doing all his big words, and then Alan Davies said something wrong and rather than the charming responses we all know and love with Mr Fry, he just got angry.  He just thought “I’ve had e-fucking-nough of this, he’s not [...]

Listen   Episode 77 is well out for you.

Yes, it’s what has become known as Podcast Tuesday, and it’s time for 77.  ’77 was the year of punk or something so fuck off like a punk would say. But don’t fuck off, I was just saying that to be a punk.  Get the podcast from Chortle and iTunes.  I am a nice punk [...]

Listen   Episode 76 out now

YES PLEASE.  Episode 76 is out right now for your ears and if you don’t get it I am going to send round an angry dog to bite you and your gran. Get it on Chortle and iTunes or I really will send that dog round.  Here it is…it is hungry for flesh.

What a wonderful day to rejoice!  For today it is Ray Peacock’s birthday, the day when the angels sing, the women swoon and the squirrels learn how to talk English. To mark this wondrous occasion, Peacock (birthday) & Gamble (not birthday) have released one of their “pod - casts” for your delectation.  You can get [...]

Number 73 is on the streets, ready for you…

Hello you, Podcast number 73 is now out all over your internet and is ready for a nice listen like a dirty podcast whore (that can mean man or woman actually before you start having a go thankyou.) So go and open it up (like a man or a woman actually) on Chortle or iTunes [...]

OH MY GOD! NO!!!! The mad scientists have released a Peacock & Gamble Podcast and it is rampaging across the city (probably New York.)  Everyone needs to take cover NOW or you will be ripped apart. Unless there are any brave souls out there who have the nerve to download it.  Only then can it [...]

Listen   Exciting fucking podcast for you fucking ears

Oh well here we are again - time for another podcast mate. We are feeling pretty cockney today whilst we rehearse for the Emergency Broadcast this Thursday at Kings Place in London ( so it is time we told you about the brand new podcast of deleted scenes you stupid toilet. Anyway, knees up your [...]

New One

There’s a new one out. It’s free on itunes and chortle. You don’t need a picture, you get the idea by now.