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May, 2011

Listen   Exciting fucking podcast for you fucking ears

Oh well here we are again - time for another podcast mate.

We are feeling pretty cockney today whilst we rehearse for the Emergency Broadcast this Thursday at Kings Place in London ( so it is time we told you about the brand new podcast of deleted scenes you stupid toilet.

Anyway, knees up your mother and get down the iTunes pub and have a big Guinness poo in the loo.

Here is a picture of a typical cockney:

View on Youtube

Warm Up - released today

Hello The film that we made during Series Three of Russell Howard’s Good News is up on BBC online right now.  Here is the best link for it: The reason it is the best link is because it is the one that allows comments.  Please, please, if you give even half a shit about [...]

New One

There’s a new one out. It’s free on itunes and chortle. You don’t need a picture, you get the idea by now.

Listen   New thing (podcast) is out on the thing (internet).

Oh hey there, my name is Billy Internet, and I invented the internet in 1997.  I just wanted to say how big a fan of the Peacock & Gamble Podcast I am and how it is basically what I made the internet for apart from watching a dog kiss a woman’s pants place. You can [...]

Listen   Oh dear watch out it is the new one all here…

Hello it is time for episode 68 now which is the one before the naughtiest of the numbers (69 which is naughty because the middle bit looks like a bum if you squint.) We talk about all the things that you like and at the end give you a secret to win loads of gold [...]