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June, 2011

What a wonderful day to rejoice!  For today it is Ray Peacock’s birthday, the day when the angels sing, the women swoon and the squirrels learn how to talk English.

To mark this wondrous occasion, Peacock (birthday) & Gamble (not birthday) have released one of their “pod - casts” for your delectation.  You can get it off iTunes or, but please remember as you listen to raise a glass to Ray and also send him a present of decent value.

View on Youtube

Number 73 is on the streets, ready for you…

Hello you, Podcast number 73 is now out all over your internet and is ready for a nice listen like a dirty podcast whore (that can mean man or woman actually before you start having a go thankyou.) So go and open it up (like a man or a woman actually) on Chortle or iTunes [...]

OH MY GOD! NO!!!! The mad scientists have released a Peacock & Gamble Podcast and it is rampaging across the city (probably New York.)  Everyone needs to take cover NOW or you will be ripped apart. Unless there are any brave souls out there who have the nerve to download it.  Only then can it [...]

Edinburgh Fringe Tickets On Sale Now!

Hello. Just a quick message to let you know that tickets to Peacock & Gamble Emergency Broadcast at the Edinburgh Fringe are now on sale and you had better go and bloody buy some or we will throw a proper wobbler about it. If you look a bit further down on the website, you can [...]