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April, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Pretty sure it’s not on sale yet, but just so you can put the dates in your diary and make sure if you come up you are coming on a Sunday for double the trouble…

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Listen   Woah…

As you can see, here at Peacock & Gamble Towers we are celebrating the Easter Monday by putting some chocolate cake out.  I bet you are having a right good look at it and wishing you had some. Well you can’t because that is ours, but we will give you a new episode of the [...]

Easter Competition and thank you

Hello everybody. What better way to celebrate all that god stuff whatever it is for easter than with a great competition. The other day on the train I done this portrait (below) on my iPodPad.  Ed said it was ridiculous and that nobody would possibly think it was him, but I maintained that it was [...]

Listen   New one does an out

Oh, hey. The new podcast has done an outing of itself and is all free to go and do a listen of on iTunes and Chortle. When you have listened, you will understand that you will need to turn yourselves into a bloody army now please.  To get you in the mood, have a look [...]

Listen   Here come the girls

Yep it’s that time of the week when all the girls run towards the internet and check out the latest Peacock & Gamble Podcast which is free on itunes and chortle. Boys can like it too and that is ok - but it is biologically written into girls DNA that they will probably have an [...]

Muppet Corner

as promised/requested…

New podcast out now for you to have a squeeze of…

Hello nice ladies and gentlemen, Just to let you know that the brand new episode of the bloody podcast is out NOW on iTunes and Chortle like normal.  Go and grab hold of it and never ever let it go.  You can look at other podcasts - but don’t do something you regret. Go and [...]