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About me: Handsome boy off podcast. Kisses all the girls.

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  1. New one does an out

    I will have you know that my shelves are creaking beneath my Marvel hardcovers. I have always found Namor objectionable however, and shall continue to pronounce his name as Namor rather than Naymor as that is not how it is spelt- I was unaware it was incorrect but am quietly happy that it is. IF IT IS WHICH I WOULD STILL ARGUE.

  2. Muppet Corner

    It is actually easy to dust by simply not doing it. I have just been and checked and it doesn’t actually appear to be gathering dust, but everything is surprisingly sturdy so a feather duster can do it. Just don’t be waking me up when you come round. Oh and don’t touch anything on my desk, just do the surfaces around it.