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December, 2010

Ray @ The Hop, Wakefield

Just a quickie to let you know the date for this gig was incorrect on the live dates page.  To confirm it is NOT on the 4th Jan which means IT IS ON THE 5TH JAN 2011.

Apologies to anyone who planned around the 4th - admin fuck uuuuup…

Have a safe New Year’s Eve please friends - need as many of you alive to come to the first two Peacock & Gamble Emergency Broadcasts at Kings Place on 24th Feb and 24th March - tickets HERE

See you in 2011 for more naughty


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One off Episode for the holiday

…well not specifically for the holidays, I mean, we hardly mention it really…and to be honest it’s a bit rambly and not about anything really, it’s mainly just so you all know we aren’t dead and that we are friends in real life. It’s coming out at a minute past midnight on 22 Dec (which [...]

New One Probably

Hello Now, we have just been sitting down together and recorded a sort of podcast.  It is going to just be a one-off for the moment and it doesn’t really fit into any timeline or have any sections from before.  That is why we are saying “sort of” podcast.  It is more of a chat [...]

Oh, shit news…

Sadly Ray and Ed’s gig this Friday 3rd December has been cancelled. Unfortunately the snow has battered Yorkshire and Featherstone Rovers RL are unable to guarantee that the health and safety spec is met for getting in and out of the ground, and have decided to pull the show. We are well disappointed, and proper [...]