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Podcast release schedule & News

For those of you asking;

Podcast 82 will be released on Tues 11 October (tomorrow) – this is the third live show from Edinburgh.

Podcast 83 is a ‘Special’ consisting of bespoke stuff and perhaps snippets from the 4th Edinburgh Live Show.  Those there will know there were technical issues and so the recording is not suitable for ‘full’ release.  Released on the 1st November.

Podcast 84 will be recorded live at Kings Place on Thurs 13 Oct as the second half of the Peacock & Gamble & Friends evening.  There are millions of tickets left.

The Peacock & Gamble & Friends show at Kings Place on Thurs 10th November has been CANCELLED as it has sold 1 ticket.  We are gutted about this but it has gone.

Episode 85 will be recorded live after the last London show of Peacock & Gamble Emergency Broadcast at Kings Place on Thurs 8th December.  That will be the final Peacock & Gamble Podcast. There are millions of tickets left.

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Episodes 84 & 85 will probably be released at some point in the new year.

We are currently collating a MAILING LIST for those of you who wish to be informed of our upcoming TV & Radio appearances, as well as future live shows.  If you wish to join this  you need to CLICK HERE and say so.

And don’t forget our TOUR is ongoing.  We have been very grateful for the support from those of you who have come to these shows - many thanks.  You can find the rest of the tour dates for 2011 HERE

Also, if you could spread the word about releases and live stuff then that would of course be appreciated

Bye then


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