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New Podcast for you

Hooray and high five and a cuddle - there is a new podcast come out today on iTunes and chortle all for free.  Well, we say it is on iTunes but apparently they have changed all their settings so it may take a bit longer to get on there but we would ask that if you get it off chortle in the meantime, you STILL get it off iTunes later on.  This has a genuine impact on whether or not we do future stuff as numbers mean things to important people so if you won’t do it then it means you can’t complain when we stop the podcast forever (just checked and it is on iTunes now so shut up).  But anyway, for now let’s all just be grateful that the handsomest and most talented boys in podcast land are talking on a podcast again and let’s have a little sneaky look at how Ray and Ed are celebrating the new release…

Interestingly, this is also the exact same way Ray and Ed stand whilst recording.  More trivia coming soon!

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One Response to “New Podcast for you”

  1. CherylColesFeet says:

    I felt compelled to post this.

    I was in the gym earlier about to do some running on the treadmill & was flicking through my iPod to decide what to listen too.

    I had 5 episodes of ‘The Peacock & Gamble’ podcast from 2009 on there - No clue how it got there, no clue what it was, no clue when it got there.

    Decided to listen to an edpisode…Nearly fell off the fuckin treadmill laughing. For the next 30 minutes I was getting strange looks from everyone while I was running & laughing with uncontrolable (?) laughter!

    I have just downloaded all episodes off iTunes, my life has changed forever, it is now complete.

    Thanks and now I doesnt afraid of anything!

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