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Live Occasions you simply MUST come to.

Why, good evening.  My name is Edwardus Gamblus and I am here to tell you about what many people are calling the event of the season.  On October 13th, myself and Sir Ray of Peacock are doing a show at Kings Place.

There will be a lot of NEW JOKES so don’t worry if you have seen us before - come again.  There will also be SPECIAL GUESTS, so it is an opportunity to discover someone brilliant who you may not have heard of before, but we love.  It is also a BIG ROOM so if there are not many people there we will KILL OURSELVES.

Tickets are available HERE and we would love to see you there.

Other dates to be aware of include another new Kings Place show on November 10th, and the Peacock & Gamble Overkill, which comprises our Edinburgh show and the final ever podcast.  Tickets for those also on kings Place website.


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