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July, 2011

Listen   Episode 76 out now

YES PLEASE.  Episode 76 is out right now for your ears and if you don’t get it I am going to send round an angry dog to bite you and your gran.

Get it on Chortle and iTunes or I really will send that dog round.  Here it is…it is hungry for flesh.

View on Youtube

Sexy New Photos from Chortle Fast Fringe

News Of The P&G World

So, this may be a bit late to tell you this but me and Ed are on this morning (Saturday) between 7am-9am giving the host, Rhys, a pretty much complete mental and nervous breakdown under the pretence of plugging our show in Cardiff on 23rd July.  The interview will probably put people off if [...]

Extra Preview Added - This Sunday

After the gig in Welwyn Garden City was cancelled by the venue despite what they have been telling people when giving more-or-less refunds, we have put in THIS extra show for this Sunday. If it is convenient for any of you then Ed assures me it is a brilliant venue and we can have a [...]

Howdy! Ep 75 is like, totally out.

Oh hey there, I am an American person from America, and I am here to tell you that Episode 75 of the Peacock & Gamble Podcast is like, out on iTunes and Chortle. We love the podcast here in America, and one day hopefully there will be a Hollywood movie of it.  All the fit [...]