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Warm Up - released today


The film that we made during Series Three of Russell Howard’s Good News is up on BBC online right now.  Here is the best link for it:

The reason it is the best link is because it is the one that allows comments.  Please, please, if you give even half a shit about the stuff we do, comment on the film and promote it within your own social media.

To be genuinely serious for a bit, if there is no evidence of support for it then we can progress no further with our stuff.  This film was made over eight weeks, usually sneaking a shot here and there, nobody got paid, everyone worked for nothing, and we are getting no fee for it appearing online.  We are just very proud of it - not perfect, never was going to be for £0, but we pulled in favours, worked very hard on it and now it is available for people to watch (after a struggle).

We already know it won’t be an ongoing production, but any kind (or unkind) public feedback and promotion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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