Brand new episode out now with Gary Delaney!

Oh hey there. There is a brand new episode of that thing some of you like featuring very special guest Gary Delaney.  You can get it on the iTunes and the chortle.co.uk.   Our show is Heart - Throbs, 9.45, Pleasance Courtyard.  Yeah, that's right, it's still fucking on.   x  

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Brand new episode with Sarah Millican OUT NOW!

Well. I've probably said it in the headline really... There is a brand new episode of the podcast out (now, on iTunes and chortle.co.uk) and today we have a stupid chat with Sarah Millican. It's lovely, you should have a listen if you like. Our show is Peacock & ...

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Yes, get it whilst it's hot - the brand new episode of the P&G; Edinburgh Podcast, available on the iTunes and chortle.co.uk. Guest today is the wonderful Tom Binns, the mischievous man behind characters Ivan Brackenbury and Ian D Montfort. Give it a listen, then book tickets for ...

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Episode 13 is out now with Daniel Sloss!

Hello. We have released episode 13 on the iTunes for your listening "pleasure". It features some of the worst behaviour we have ever witnessed from snotty wee lad Daniel Sloss. Don't worry, we proper tell him off. It's on the iTunes and chortle.co.uk and our show insists on happening still at 9.45pm ...

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New episode with Ed Byrne out right NOW.

Hello!   There is a new episode of the Peacock & Gamble Edinburgh Podcast out on iTunes and chortle.co.uk right now, where we "interview" our special guest Ed Byrne, from comedy.  Go and get it and listen, although if you don't we won't know.   Our show is Peacock & Gamble Heart - Throbs ...

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New Episode?! Yep. Alex Horne? Yes.

That's right, there is a brand new episode of the P&G Edinburgh Podcast out right sodding now on the iTunes and chortle.co.uk with special guest Alex Horne.  The equipment kept breaking.  I think we are cursed.  Many would say that this amount of talent is a curse.  And when I ...

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Brand New Episode Out Now, with added Tiger Lillies!!

Hey there, Just to let you know that the brand new episode for Monday of the P&G Edinburgh Podcast is out now, featuring very special guests The Tiger Lillies.  And absolute privilege to interview them, and I think we just about held it together.  Have a listen, see how pathetic we ...

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Episode 9 with Arthur Smith OUT NOW.

'sup peeps. Ep 9 is all up in your iTunes and chortle.co.uk wit special guest Arthur Smith.  It's a proper funny one as well as having some proper interesting stuff in it as well.  That's worth buying right?  Well what if I told you it was FREE??!! You probably wouldn't be ...

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