New one out today

Hello everyone

It is Ray’s mum here.  Sorry that this update is coming a bit late but I have told Ray off about keep making fun of me in the podcast and sent him to his bedroom.  So he is too busy doing all hard work now as a punishment (see below) to do the updates so I will do it.  He also has a bad cold so that is another reason.

Anyroad up, the podcast has come out today and is free on iTunes and chortle like normal and it has some bits in it like funny and talking.

Ray and Ed also forgot to mention about the next Peacock & Gamble Emergency Broadcast at Kings Place in the podcast so I will do that now.  The next one is on 24th March (Thursday next fucking week) and if you click THIS you will be taken straight to the ticket page.

Pretty sure that is everything.  I’m a bit bored really.  Was going to meet Ed’s mum for bingo but she’s still not come out of the men’s toilets.


Ray’s Mum

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