New One Out Now for t’ put in your skull.

Oh ‘ello there laddie.  ’tis Ed Gamble here.  Ray Peacock can’t write this today, so I have decided to do it in his blunt and gritty Northern style.telling you that there is a brand spanking t’new Peacock & Gamble Podcast out now on iTunes and t’website Chortle.  Chortle is a website run by a backward lad whose t’mother used to keep him in a coal scuttle because she thought he was a goblin witch.  But now he is an internet legend, but still a witch in my opinion because he makes magic light come out t’electric box and I think we should go on strike about it or something.

Anyway, please, please, please get the pod - cast from iTunes and Chortle, or my whippet will die of asbestos poisoning.

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