Edinburgh Podcast Episode 2

Oh hey nice busters…

So thank you to everyone that done downloading of the new podcast and said kindly things towards it. As a reward we have decided to bring the next one out now, which is the second part of our interview with Greg Davies, in which he tells us about a comedian he has invented and threatens to overturn the government. But really…

You can have a nice listen of it from iTunes or chortle RIGHT NOW (it is really helpful to us if you subscribe on iTunes - we hit the charts nicely yesterday - we know some people go “oh I don’t like iTunes” but we don’t actually care, it’s not about you, we are giving you this for free so help us out).

Same goes for the Edinburgh show - Peacock & Gamble Don’t Even Want To Be On Telly Anyway, 9:40pm, Pleasance Dome (Dome) - if half the people that download the podcast came to it, then it would completely sell out and we wouldn’t have to keep banging on about it. If you are not coming Edinburgh and are feeling guilty for not coming our show - give it (and the podcast) a nice promote on your social media sites, we are always very grateful for them and often reply as well so that is like meeting us.

Tomorrow’s podcast guest is LEE MACK, who - of course - is off that thing he’s in.