“Secret” gig THIS FRIDAY (22 March 2013) MANCHESTER


As we are up North we thought we would do a special little show.

We are going to be doing a read-through of the Emergency Broadcast Radio 4 show as it currently stands, doing a feedback bit and Q&A, and also a podcast recording.  It will be very informal but girls need to wear short skirts ideally, and at the very least it will be a good chance to meet us and hang out a bit (girls only ideally).


Details? We’ll give you effing details mate:

Jabez Clegg Manchester ( The new XS malarkey venue)
7.30pm Door
8.00pm Start
It will cost a fiver to cover our costs, and we are going to try running it on a guest list basis to stop you being stung by revolting booking fees and only pay the fiver when you get there.  If you could let us know that you are coming on either the twitter (@raypeacock or @edgamblecomedy or @peacockgamble) or the facebook (don’t do both as this will confuse us) then we can get a list together.
Must emphasise it will be a very unpolished evening, so don’t be expecting the big screen and us to know our lines and all that.  It’s just a good chance to see us ACTUALLY without a clue, rather than pretending like normal.
RP and Edward